Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Domestic Violence Information

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Armed Forces Compensation Scheme - A Guide

Click here for a guide to the Armed Forces Compensation Schemes that are available to serving and ex serving personnel.

Contact Houses available for the Personnel at Deepcut to hire.

Deepcut Army Welfare Services are delighted be able to offer the use of two Contact Houses.  The houses are situated in Bordon and are £30.00 per night to hire.

Please ring the Unit Welfare Officer on 01252  833653 or the Welfare Sgt on 01252 833429 for further details.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Calvert Trust Activity Breaks For Families With Disabilities

Who to see or call when you're not well?

Know Your Consumer Rights

The run up to Christmas is a busy time for shopping, but did you know that consumers' rights were recently changed under the new Consumer Rights Act 2015?

Perhaps the biggest change is that your right to ask for a refund if the goods are faulty, is now limited initially to the first 30 days after you bought them.

Visit for advice, consumer problems or to report something to trading standards.

Royal British Legion’s Veterans Medical Funds programme - Now open for applications

The Royal British Legion has introduced a new Veterans Medical Funds programme 
providing support for veterans with hearing loss and support for veterans with 
serious physical injury.

The Royal British Legion’s Veterans Medical Funds programme is open for 

applications. The programme is funded through a five year, £13m commitment 
from HM Treasury using income generated from the Libor rate-fixing fines. 
It has two elements: support for veterans with hearing loss and support for
 veterans with serious physical injury.

Each programme element has been designed in consultation with the

 Ministry of Defence (MOD), National Health Service (NHS), 
Department of Health and representatives from subject matter experts
 in the medical and Armed Forces charity communities. The structure and 
intent of the Funds are based on the Legion’s desire to reduce or negate 
disadvantage to those who have served.

Both of the Funds described below will be available to veterans across 

the UK.

The Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) provides support to veterans 

who acquired hearing loss during Service where there is a wellbeing need 
that can not be met through statutory services (eg the NHS).

The Ministry of Defence has put in place measures to ensure that a

Service person discharged with Service-attributable serious physical injury 
will have any clinically prescribed specialist wheelchair or orthotic equipment 
by discharge date together with a five-year warranty.

The Veterans Mobility Fund (VMF) will support those veterans who have 

Service-related serious physical injury who fall outside this provision or whose 
warranty has expired.

For more information on eligibility and how to apply visit

For any questions, please contact the Legion’s Grants Department or call our Contact Centre on

 0808 802 8080

Service Pupil Premium - Is your school aware - Register before 21st January 2016

This message is for the attention of Regular Forces Service parents based in England.
If your child attends a state school, Academy or Free school in England and has been registered with the school as a Service pupil, the school will be granted a Service Pupil Premium of £300.

The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is provided by the Department for Education to enable schools to offer additional, mainly pastoral, support during challenging times, which could include anything from a Service parent being away, being injured on active service to bereavement. Funds are paid directly to schools; with Head Teachers and school Governors deciding how the funds are used.

Schools with Service children in Reception to Year 11 classes are eligible to receive SPP, but only if your child’s name appears on the school roll as being a Service child. The annual census takes place on 21 Jan 2016 and children must be registered with the school before this date. You are encouraged to contact the school and make them aware your child is from a Service family. This information is not shared with other organisations and is protected on the National Pupil database.

For more information on eligibility, please see the links below:

For any other queries regarding Service children contact the Directorate Children and Young People’s educational advisory arm, Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) via the helpline: 01980 618244 or email:

South West Armed Forces Transition Fair Tidworth 23 March 2016


Aldershot Careers Event: 21st January 2016

Army Reserve Challenge Weekends - 2016

17-19 March 2016
5-7 May 2016
2-4 June 2016
22-24 Sept 2016
Locations to be confirmed

To find out more contact or 01952 673511

Upcoming BFRS Resettlement Services Events

Upcoming Resettlement Events for the forthcoming month:

Please check this link on a regular basis for information regarding all BFRS upcoming events.